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Recruitment management

Recruitment management

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Transformer Designer

Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in the maintenance and supervision of the operation, organization and management of the internal quality audit of the quality system;

2. Complete the task of the day according to the inspection plan of the quality supervisor;

3. Inspect and clean the spare parts to be inspected according to the operation instructions and corresponding procedures, carefully check the material code and name before the inspection and during the inspection process, fill in the inspection records, and submit them to the quality supervisor;

4. Collect and archive all quality inspection records and related materials;

5. Monitor the specific implementation of the on-site quality inspection work, including personnel organization, technical implementation, quality, schedule, safety, and finished product protection;

6. Report batch quality issues in a timely manner;

7. Assist the quality supervisor to complete other quality management system work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in high school or science and engineering.

2. Received training in quality management and product knowledge.

3, 3 years of production site and quality management experience.

4. Familiar with the company's process and working principle.

5. Proficiency in the knowledge of the company's products and production process technology applications.

6. Familiar with the professional knowledge of the international quality system.

7. Honest, dedicated, proactive, and have a strong sense of responsibility; able to work hard and have a team spirit.


Sales Manager 15

Age: 25--45

Gender: Male

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

2. Complete departmental sales indicators according to the marketing plan;

3. Develop new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales;

4. Responsible for the collection of market information in the jurisdiction and analysis of competitors;

5. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area, completing sales tasks;

6. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical integration, etc.;

2, 1-2 years of work experience in the sales industry, with fixed customers and outstanding performance is preferred;

3, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

4. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

5, have a sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure;

6. Have a team spirit and be good at challenges.


If you have any of the above three job search intentions, please email Ms. Xu

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