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Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

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I. Strategic objectives:

Strategic approach: customer-centric;

The core strategy: First, firmly implement the marketing strategy of regional refined investment promotion and promotion; second, continuously improve the product strategy of differentiated product sequences with market competitiveness; key system construction: First, cover the national sales network system of winning terminals in the terminal Second, the product generation system with independent research and development and external introduction; the third is the corporate culture and brand building system that can support the company's long-term development; the fourth is the talent team system based on ability training and promotion; the fifth is to ensure efficient internal and external collaborative operation. Standardize the management system.

Realize 4 goals "maximize" in two to three years

1. Maximize the interests of strategic partners;

2. Maximize the personal value of employees;

3. The company's strategic upgrade and sustainable development momentum are maximized;

4. Maximize the return on investment of shareholders.